How Does Coworking Space Work for Individuals & Teams?

Collaborative coworking spaces have become increasingly popular among employees. In fact, researchers at Gallup have found that 59% of employees prefer a hybrid workplace–making it the most popular work arrangement. But why exactly are hybrid workplaces preferred, and what does a coworking space arrangement look like for individuals and teams?

What Collaborative Coworking Spaces Offer

Collaborative coworking spaces are popular because the best ones allow employees all the benefits of remote work and the advantages of an office. 

Employees love the flexibility of remote work and how it saves money and time on daily commutes to the office. At the same time, many enjoy the benefits of in-office work, since it grants employees increased contact, simplified procedures for important meetings, effortless synchronous interactions, and an increased sense of community.

With the right collaborative workspace, hybrid-workspace individuals and teams can reap all the benefits of remote work flexibility and in-office community and communication. Individuals and teams can simply rent the coworking space they need, when they need it. For instance, here at Durham Bottling Company, we offer flexible membership packages that suit any individual or team’s personal needs.

Everyday Flexibility

By using a collaborative coworking space on certain days of the workweek, remote teams still continue to save time and money on their daily commute and maintain their usual flexibility. Teams can decide which days are best to utilize their collaborative coworking space to maximize productivity and maintain a close and supportive work culture. 

That added flexibility goes a long way in boosting employee morale. It doesn’t hurt that businesses save significant money on overhead costs for the days they aren’t using their office space.

Meanwhile, individuals who run their own businesses can use a collaborative coworking space for any days when they need to schedule a meeting room, or for any times they wish to take advantage of the community and connections that shared workspaces offer.

In-Office Amenities and Reliability 

The days when employees use a collaborative coworking space will look much like any other in-office workspace. Coworking spaces like Durham Bottling Company offer the business amenities, reliability, and community of in-office work life–and some amenities many offices don’t have. 

Whether it’s high-speed Wi-Fi, dedicated rooms for small and large events, or presentation, classroom, conference, and meetings spaces, collaborative coworking spaces are designed to accommodate all of a business’ needs. DBC even offers a podcast studio for businesses looking to branch into the booming platform of podcasts.

Instant Office for Individuals and Teams of Every Size

Individuals (like freelancers or entrepreneurs), small business teams, and larger corporations looking for satellite locations all share the same coworking goal—to quickly build your business in an environment conducive to your success. A flex office can help you immediately achieve this goal. Partnering with a coworking space gives you instant access to a physical location tailored to your business. 

At Durham Bottling Co, our private offices are move-in ready and nicely furnished—giving you one less thing to think about. We also help businesses of every size by offering a long-term home without a long-term lease. 

Our goal is to build community while providing a comfortable, accessible, safe, and inspiring place to work.  Our members are here because they want to be here, not because we lock them into long-term leases. Durham Bottling Co contracts are 3, 6, and 12 months long—all of which have the option to go month-to-month after the initial term. 

Satellite Location Easy Button

Flexible offices also offer the perfect solution to an age-old struggle for larger corporations: setting up satellite locations. Before coworking spaces, companies would need to put in the time-consuming and expensive groundwork needed to launch a satellite office for individuals and teams, including:

  • Send out a team to scout sites
  • Negotiate leases, terms, budgets, recruitment plans, and FF&E spends
  • Have the new office equipped with furniture, desks, fixtures, and so much more. 

With coworking and flex environments, companies can have a satellite office with the click of a button.

Community When You Want It, Privacy When You Don’t

Just because you’re working in a collaborative coworking space doesn’t mean you don’t have flexibility regarding privacy. For instance, Durham Bottling Company offers private office suites, a breathing room (for relaxation and privacy), and even private showers.

If you are seeking more collaborative and community-based environments, there are numerous shared coffee-shop-style workplaces for those who thrive in shared spaces. At DBC, we offer flexible programming content created by the members of the workplace community themselves, because we believe a positive and communal atmosphere is the foundation of great work and productive partnerships.

Durham Bottling Co: Coworking Space in Durham

If a collaborative coworking space sounds interesting to you, we’d love to schedule a tour with you at our location in East Downtown Durham. We also invite you to stop by anytime to try out the coworking experience by signing up for a day passIf you’d like to learn even more about shared coworking spaces, check out our blog post about the pros and cons of a coworking membership.


Coworking memberships are quickly becoming the preferred choice for small businesses, new start-ups, and entrepreneurs. However, some are still skeptical about these flexible offices. Durham Bottling Company is here with the pros and cons of a coworking membership. 

Pros of a Coworking Membership

Naturally, coworking memberships are becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits they provide businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the pros of flexible offices. 

Save Money by Only Paying for the Space You Need 

Coworking memberships offer an affordable alternative to full office rentals. The professional world is not one-size-fits-all—yet, traditional offices lack the flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of companies and startups. You can save money by only paying for the dedicated space you need. Your coworking membership extends to additional shared areas—including conference rooms, call rooms, presentation rooms, and more. By switching to a coworking membership at your local flexible office space, you can truly get the most out of your money. 

World-Class Business Amenities

When you lease a traditional office space, you only get the bare necessities—the rest comes out of your pocket. Meanwhile, coworking spaces are fully furnished with the amenities businesses need to thrive. At Durham Bottling Company, for example, we offer:

  • High-speed WiFi
  • Dedicated presentation, classroom, conference, and meeting spaces
  • Refreshments like coffee, sparkling water, tea, and more 
  • Durham Podcast Studio
  • Dedicated small and large event spaces
  • Private call rooms
  • In-House Showers
  • …and so much more

Easily Grow Your Business

When building a business, flexibility is key. You need a space that can grow with you, or give you the option to pause at any time. With a coworking membership, you do not need to rearrange your workspace or move offices every time you add a new employee to your team. Instead, you can simply expand your membership to include a larger office. The flexibility of coworking memberships is designed to support your business as it grows and changes throughout the years.

Happy Employees

If you are falling short in finding new hires, you can start by evaluating the benefits you offer employees. As mentioned above, coworking spaces come with a variety of built-in benefits. Additionally, coworking office spaces make it easy to achieve the ideal home/office hybrid work environment that employees prefer. 

According to a survey conducted by Slack, 83% of surveyed employees report favoring the hybrid work environment—representing a large majority of the sampled workforce. Only 13% of surveyed employees preferred full-time work from home, while only 12% preferred full-time in-office work. Employee satisfaction can increase your retention, improve work/life balance, and help promote the overall wellbeing of your staff. 

Cons of a Coworking Membership

While flexible offices are rich with unique benefits and substantially lower costs compared to traditional office rentals, coworking spaces are not for everyone. Let’s take a look at a few considerations you should note before diving in. 

Navigating Shared Spaces

In a coworking environment, conference rooms, podcast studios, call rooms, and other shared spaces often need to be reserved in advance. If the room you need for a last-minute meeting is occupied, you may need to get creative with your desk space. 

It is helpful to find a flexible office space with plenty of available space and simple, transparent scheduling. Durham Bottling Company, for example, has 12,000 square feet of space that includes call rooms, presentation space, classroom space, and three conference rooms.

Address and Mailing

When you lease a traditional office building, it becomes the official home of your business. Not only does this provide the space you need, but it also serves as your company’s official address for tax purposes, directory listings, mailing, and more. Some flexible office spaces do not allow businesses to use their address for official purposes—complicating these administrative processes. You will need to ensure your coworking space offers virtual office services, such as address use and mailbox services. 

Durham Bottling Company: Coworking Office in Durham

Are you looking for a flexible office in Durham, North Carolina? Durham Bottling Company is here for you! We offer industry-leading coworking memberships, event space rentals, conference room rentals, podcast studio rentals, and so much more. Contact us to take a free tour today!