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DBC is an inclusive coworking community located in downtown Durham, North Carolina. Our members are entrepreneurs and innovators, small business owners, freelancers, remote workers, artists, creatives, and more. We are more than just tech. DBC is the only community in Durham that is located in both a HUB Zone as well as a qualified Opportunity Zone.


  • 12,000 square feet located in rapidly growing downtown Durham NC.
  • 3 Conference Rooms
  • 4 Call Rooms
  • Presentation Space
  • Classroom Space
  • Coffee
  • Podcast Equipment
  • On Site Parking
  • *Free Access to Signatures Series Content *

The Neighborhood

  • Walking distance to several breweries
  • Walking distance to a bevvy of dining options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • New restaurant from renowned restauranteur opening summer 2021 in our development.

What We Offer

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Building has all the expected amenities of co-working such as digital access control, free wifi, copier/printer, office supplies, whiteboards, conference rooms, event space, coffee, proximity to downtown Durham amenities and more!


Part-Time Member

Access to events, networking, member pricing on rentals

$99 / MO

Community Member

Also includes mailbox, hot desk

$199 / MO

Full-Time Member

Also includes dedicated parking

$299 / MO

Private Office

Starting at

$949 / MO

Interested in something else?


A large part of our vision for community building is content. We have formed a non profit organization to facilitate bringing together entertainment, arts, culture, and education in a way that is truly unique and puts the content makers and creators first.

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