Conference Rooms

We have three conference rooms that come in varying sizes to accommodate any need. Each room comes equipped with whiteboards and audio & visual presentation technology. These rooms are able to be reserved by the general public, though members have easy-access booking, free conference room hours each month, and exclusive member pricing for each additional hour. 

Large Conference Room

Seats up to twenty. Best for board meetings, team and corporate trainings and retreats, workshops, larger presentations, long-form pitches and presentations, workshops, leadership retreats, focus groups.

Medium Conference Room

Seats up to eight. Great for team meetings, lunches, focus groups, brainstorm sessions, smaller team retreats, team development, presentations, pitches, trainings and workshops, board meetings, film screenings, virtual content recording.

Small Conference Room

Seats up to four. Great for coaching sessions and interviews, pitches to individuals, small group calls, small-group brainstorm sessions, breakout rooms, general meetings, longer zoom calls or virtual sessions, smaller trainings, team strategy development, virtual content recording.

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